The StartupBus and the Road to SXSW


Last night, 300 kids from Mexico City, San Francisco and throughout the United States arrived in San Antonio. For the past week these kids have been programming and developing their plans. They are now readying their pitches for a group of judges as part of StartupBus, the road trip and competition that this week will culminate at SXSW. Dave McClure is dropping f-bombs.  Robert Scoble is giving tips about how to present. Winners will be chosen in a competition on Sunday at SXSW.

Cerealize, for example, allows people to make their own cereals. They are using cereal as an entry into the market for mass, personalized food.

Here’s their welcome this morning at “The Castle,” the name for the Rackspace headquarters where these entrepreneurs have gathered.

Services Angle

Every one of the startups here is a service. They pay to use infrastructure. They are developing companies for the next generation of commerce.

Startups get grief for being off the wall. But they are important as barometers for the direction of the market. They’re well worth watching this weekend at SXSW.

Disclosure: Rackspace paid for my travel expenses to San Antonio and Austin for SXSW.



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