NTT Data Opens Cloud Services Unit


Japan-based NTT Data is officially the latest company to announce a new services business this week.  NTT Data Cloud Services however is going in a direction that is seen more often in the industry.  The unit, led by president Marv Mouchawar, has 1,000 workers dedicated to exactly what the name suggests – cloud migration and setup, management, monitoring and a good bit of consultancy.

“NTT DATA Cloud Services demystifies cloud computing and offers enterprises the business flexibility, global insight and the technology strategy required to leverage the cloud to its fullest benefit,” indicated Mouchawar. “Combining the talents from diverse groups throughout NTT DATA gives our clients insight into smart business opportunities and operating models that can result in significant cost savings and fast access to best-of-breed technologies.”

The services area has relatively higher margins than in some other segments in IT, and demand is stronger than ever thanks to an influx of enterprises implementing virtualization.  Several interesting discussions spurred around this topic at EMC’s VSPEX launch event, including one particular Cube video that raises the question of how big data services can fit in.

In spite of growing adoption, many enterprises are still relying on legacy infrastructure and apps to power their options. And this is what the first newly formed services group from this morning aims to address.

VMware launched Accelerate, which is targeting upper management with the goal of educating executives about the benefits of the cloud. Specifically, the all-star former C rank consultancy assemblage will pitch the business edge that can be drawn from IT (with the help of a good amount of industry-specific metrics that cover stages of implementation and competition).

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