Hitachi Acquires PRIZIM as a Part of Green Initiative


Tokyo-based IT services giant Hitachi acquired a small services provider called PRIZIM this week for an undisclosed sum. The company’s 45 employees are based in Maryland, offering services that can help companies better manage their physical infrastructure’s energy consumption.

PRIZIM provides environmental assessment, scientific consulting and training, outsourcing a fair amount of other services in the same area. It’s also targeting a very broad spectrum of industries, from telcos and manufacturers, to high tech and the public sector. The latter two seem to fit in well within what Hitachi has in mind for its consultancy business, which is why PRIZIM has been integrated into the Hitachi Consulting Corporation.

With the acquisition, PRIZM founder and chief executive Frank Priznar got a new title at Hitachi that reads ‘senior vice president and senior sustainability executive.’

“The acquisition of PRIZIM is an important step in the execution of our strategy for serving the Public Sector,” said John Bush, Senior Vice President of Hitachi Consulting’s U.S. Public Sector practice.

“Both federal civilian and defense agencies are making sustainability an essential component of their mission and operations. PRIZIM’s federal government experience, combined with Hitachi Group’s solutions for energy, water and infrastructure, provides outstanding value for the government’s sustainability agenda.”

Environmental sustainability, often considered green IT in a somewhat more contextualized form, hasn’t been in the headlines very much lately.  But it’s still very much a point of interest, which is why companies like Hitachi as well as IBM and quite a few social media giants are deeply involved in this field.

Low footprint data centers can translate into a lot of magic in press relations. More importantly however, the increased efficiency is driving down costs by reducing overheads very noticeably in some cases – good examples include Facebook and Google’s facilities in the Nordic region.

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