IDC’s Insight on Data Integrity in the Cloud


A new white paper by IDC provides some light on data integrity as it pertains to Big Data rather than in the more traditional sense of phishing attacks and similar dangers. These still pose a very real threat, but a new issue is surfacing on a much larger scale in the enterprise.

The research firm addresses the point of validating the growing amounts of information companies are aggregating from the cloud – a task that presents a very different set of challenges.

Petabytes of logs, social interactions and online consumer behavior among other data are being analyzed and converted into actual decisions these days, making the data itself quite important.  And with that it’s also becoming much more susceptible to corruption and tempering.

IDC is proposing a solution – a methodical approach to authenticating documents that provides an alternative to more vulnerable key signatures.  The firm has backed this up with some figures, saying that the technique could address over half of the 17 threats to data integrity it identified. These include quite a few bulletins ranging from protection against hackers and industry espionage to partner communication errors.

The main idea behind IDC’s keyless signature is to simplify things, eliminating some of the complexity that can lead to negative results. The service works by responding to a request with a signature generated using has functions, which produce values that can be stored alongside the file, inside it or in a number of other forms.

From the report:

“This technology can, no doubt, help organizations validate, verify and self-authenticate their documents and files which, in the current era of cloud computing and third-party hosted information, is becoming a critical requirement. The keyless nature of this technology helps reduce the footprint by removing the need for cipher keys and passwords, which arguably can also be lost or mislaid, and since the integrity can be validated by the document owners, the ability to leverage the cloud computing platform places it well for future adoption.”

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