The Data Economy: Data standards needed to enable Industrial Internet

Jeffrey Kelly | April 24th

At its core, the idea behind the  Industrial Internet (II) is to bring all the world’s industrial equipment online to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial processes through large-scale data analytics and automation. For example, wind turbines outfitted with...»


AWS anounces support for Docker containerization in Elastic Beanstalk

Mike Wheatley | April 24th

The world's leading public cloud provider has just embraced one of the hottest new enabling technologies for migrating applications into the cloud. AWS has just announced support for the open-source Docker technology on its Elastic Beanstalk...»


The academic + corporate perspectives on Big Data education : Cloudera goes to school

Kristen Nicole | April 22nd

Cloudera may have received a hefty investment from Intel, a move that validated Big Data efforts and cloud-driven service models for an emerging market, yet the platform provider  is continuing to make significant investments of its own, namely...»


Diving into Big Data : Data lakes vs. data streams

Guest Author | April 17th

Data lakes and data streams are becoming common analogies in the discussion around analytics and potential enterprise big data strategies. The analogies are appropriate from several aspects beyond just visualizing different approaches to accessing useful information. As in nature, both lakes and...»


The Data Economy : Microsoft’s cautious Big Data vision

Jeffrey Kelly | April 15th

The Data Economy is an analysis column by Wikibon Senior Analyst Jeff Kelly covering the business of Big Data. [caption id="attachment_188303" align="alignright" width="300"] Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on theCUBE in June 2013.[/caption] Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off this morning’s...»


Oracle adds new hybrid + OpenStack capabilities to cloud toolbelt

Maria Deutscher | April 15th

Oracle, like fellow traditional enterprise vendors such as SAP, is on a journey to transform into a cloud services company. But while the business intelligence giant is already well along its way in transitioning to a software-as-a-service model,...»


Google Drive’s price cut, Box’s IPO and what it could mean for the future of cloud tools

Guest Author | April 7th

by Anne Ward Last week, Box announced their intentions to file for IPO. This comes on the heels of Google’s announcement a couple weeks ago that they will offer one terabyte (TB) of data for only $9.99 a...»


AWS Round-Up: Amazon Partners make cloud and big data a priority for businesses

Saroj Kar | November 18th

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is becoming more and more formidable enemy for competitors. During the Amazon AWS re:Invent 2013 conference, which is being held at this time in Las Vegas, Amazon reveals many new features on cloud...»


AWS helped create the world’s most cost-effective supercomputer | #reinvent

Alina Popescu | November 12th

Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing, explained the company's latest AWS use case which leveraged "Amazon Spot instances to create the most cost effective supercomputer in the world." Stowe discussed this impressive results with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and...»


Smart Homes of the Future

Mike Thomas | November 6th

The age is fast approaching when our appliances will rival our own intelligence. They will anticipate a repair before the washer breaks down and also arrange for a repair man. They will monitor the weather and close the...»