Do You Need Military Level Encryption?

John Casaretto | June 8th

Kfir Godrich, HP’s Head of Innovation sat in on theCube at HP Discover 2012.  He shared some of his insights on the CIO, the market and a look into strategies around cloud, big data,...»


Red Hat Unveils Open, Departmentalized IaaS Service

Maria Deutscher | June 8th

Open source powerhouse Red Hat debuted CloudForms today, an infrastructure-as-a-service solution for enterprises working with hybrid clouds.  The company is touting several advantages. One of the main advantages, not surprisingly, is that it’s completely...»


Brazilian University Embraces Wireless, BYOD, and IPv6

Sean Martin | June 8th

As part of theCube’s continued coverage of the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas today, Wikibon founder Dave Vellante met with two practitioners from HP customer, Sao Paulo State University in Brazil. Represented by network...»


Expect More Acquisitions, Jobs from Big Data #BigDataChat

Maria Deutscher | June 8th

Big Blue’s James Kobielus moderated a one-hour big data discussion on Twitter today with Terri Griffith from the Leavey School of Business, IBM distinguished engineer Stephen Brodsky and other pundits who provided their take on this...»


The Strange and Wonderful Second Life of Microsoft Windows Azure

Matt Weinberger | June 7th

At today's Meet Windows Azure webcast, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie expanded significantly on yesterday's major Windows Azure platform improvements, including persistent virtual machine support - and while the technical details are definitely...»


Public Networks Facing a Capacity Crisis, Warns Intel GM

Bert Latamore | June 7th

Just about the only thing that Intel Data Center Group General Manager Pauline Nist worries about in the future of IT is that the Internet is facing a capacity crisis. And with the huge growth...»


HP’s Cloud and Big Data Priorities

Kathryn Buford | June 7th

As part of Silicon Angle’s continuous coverage of HP Discover, Dave Vellante spoke with Chris and Greg Tinker, HP Discover Master Technologists, about trends in Cloud and Big Data. The Tinker’s noted the big issue for...»


Big Data and the Cloud – Take the Lead or Be Disrupted

Sean Martin | June 7th

Intel is a company driven by Moore’s law and possessing a culture that eats, drinks, and breathes innovation; they are always looking ahead, continuously moving forward, and constantly pushing itself to the next level. This doesn’t happen by...»


Larry – The Oracle Cloud Is Seven Years Old? If So, it Sure Looks Like It

Alex Williams | June 6th

Larry Ellison talked on stage today, squinting his eyes at a desktop and laptop screen to show the new social marketing tools Oracle has developed. I have so many questions after listening to Larry. My first...»


Microsoft Windows Azure Makes Good With Linux Virtual Machines

Matt Weinberger | June 6th

Microsoft is spoiling its own party. Even though Microsoft was expected to deliver updates to its increasingly popular Windows Azure cloud platform at a webcast event tomorrow, the wizards at Redmond decided to steal some...»